Ask how our Barcode & Scanning solution can improve your ordering process.

Barcode Solutions

Our barcode scanner solutions let you scan product barcodes directly from your mobile device and convert them to an order!

With the click of the mouse you can transform your 'Lists' into print-ready barcode templates, making it easy to create product booklets or labels. Use Wolseley Express on your smartphone, or a traditional wired or wireless barcode scanner to scan products right into the shopping cart.

Our eBusiness Specialists can work with you to custom barcode your warehouse or trucks with labels generated from the custom list feature in Wolseley Express.

    The Benefits of Barcode Solutions
  • Improved accuracy of orders
  • Orders print directly at the branch – no more faxing, handwritten orders or direct visits to the branch
  • Faster order fulfillment
  • Consistent product SKU references
  • Improved visibility and tracking of orders
  • Standardize processes for all locations
  • Free up your time for more urgent calls and customer requests

Want to get started?

Contact one of our eBusiness Specialists or your local branch manager.