Wolseley Express Web Quotes:
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Web Quotes

Want to convert your Wolseley quotes into immediate orders?

Web Quotes will save you time and provide a central location for you to store and reference your quotes. Receive custom quotations on your desktop where you can review and process to an immediate order. Enjoy the competitive pricing you receive at the branch with listed AND non listed product - and benefit from the efficiencies of immediately accepting quotations online.

    How do I get quotes online?
  1. If you have a Wolseley Express account you immediately qualify. Contact your inside or outside sales rep and provide details around your quotation.
  2. Your sales rep will then enter your quote information into our system at the branch and submit directly to your Wolseley Express account.
  3. Your sales person will contact you by phone or email to confirm the quote has been sent.
  4. You can then retrieve your quote immediately in your 'Web Quotes' page.
  5. Review full quote details. If you have any requested changes contact your sales person by phone or email. They can implement the change immediately into the system and when saved, it will be transmitted directly back to your desktop.
  6. Once you are happy with your quote you choose 'Place as Order' and it will be sent immediately to our system for processing.

Makes generating quotes easier with faster turnaround.

For more details on converting your quotes to online orders contact our local branch manager or sales rep today.